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Sobre Misha Bieliaiev

12 consecutive years of active work at sports and fitness related field.

Experience in coaching junior basketball school team for 2 years.

Aknowledge and experience in reabilitation fitness programs.

DNS according to Pavel Kolar approach cours level I attendance.

Massage therapist Diploma.

Experience in Calisthenics, General Conditioning, Specific Qualities Conditioning, CrossFit, Fat Loss, Weightlifting.

Master's degree at Physical Education

Titulo Profissional do Tecnico de Exercicio Ficico #31840

PT execution at Pump Alvalade

Conditioning Group Classes at Private Facility






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Perguntas e Respostas

Tem um modelo de pricing standard para os seus serviços? Se sim, descreva em seguida os seus detalhes.

I give a functional group classes at the Ribeira das Naus green zone.

Price for one session - 10€

Price for personal training session veries between 25€ to 35€. It depends on location, your objectives and quantity of trainings that you pay for.

Como é que começou a trabalhar nesta área profissional?

I have my master's degree in sport science and physical education since 2009.

This is my profession from the very begining.

Que conselho daria a um cliente que esteja à procura de contratar um profissional na sua área de trabalho?

The professional is only able to give you an advices, tips and suggestions for you to achieve your goals but he'll never be able to reach them for you.

Your body - your business.

Que curso(s) e/ou formação possui relacionados com o seu trabalho?

Attend Dynamic Neuro Mascular Stabilisation level I course Of Rehabilitation Prague School.

Qual é o seu processo típico para trabalhar com um novo cliente?

First training is always consists of short quiz wich gives me an opportunity to understand your objectives and possibilities.

Than workout of 4 general exercises that will show me your fitness level and general abilities.

Que questões deve um cliente pensar antes de falar com um Profissional sobre o seu projecto?

- If you really want to push yourself through the course of trqaining? Considering it will be hard enough and you need to overcome your weaknesses.

- If you really want to let your weaknesses behind?

- How much are you really want to do to change yourself?

Com que tipos de clientes é que já trabalhou anteriormente?

Persons from 8 to 68 years old.






persons with lack of flexibility

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