Ricardo Belchior

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Ricardo Belchior

I love my job. I love to develop ideas, to create strategies and to implement plans! And if you challenge me to do it with few resources, I accept that challenge! Imagine your idea and I will help you to make it happen.

With 28 years old I have decided to change my life and start working on what I'm really passionate about ? Startups. With 30 years old I have moved to London, to enrich my knowledge and experience. All this happened, just after two years of to found and to coordinate a social business incubator in Portugal. With this experience, I contributed to boosting 15 social businesses with approximately 120 entrepreneurs and raising over ?800k in communitary funds.

During this two years, I completed several trainings to develop my skills and to master tools related with Human Resources, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Startups and Digital Marketing.

In conclusion, this is why you can trust me to turn your ideas into reality.

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