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Architectural design. Interior. Decoration.
Do you have a house or apartment. It's just the walls. And you need a house, which will be comfortable, which will be your fortress and your business card at the same time. I will help you. Show me your drawings, tell me about yourself and your Hobbies. And you in two to three weeks(for apartments) or two months (for the house) will receive the first sketches of your dream home. We will discuss everything together with you, choose a style, color, light, accessories. And prior to the implementation of our project you'll be "living" in their new home in dreams!
Don't be afraid to change the world with us!
We recommend. You choose. We do together with you.
In-depth study of all details of interior design and decoration, taking into account individual requirements of each client
Personal work with each client and develop the project to its completion
Best prices from suppliers of furniture, decoration, lamps and other.
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Perguntas e respostas

Em que informações deve um ou uma cliente pensar acerca do projecto que quer realizar antes de falar com profissionais?
What specific design services do they offer?
How do they work with client’s inputs?
What do they charge?
If you decide to terminate partway through, can you keep the work done to that point?
Who owns the final plans?
Will the plans produced be sufficient to obtain bids a building permit?
Ask for references and for a list of other projects in the area you can look at?
And anything else that is important to you.
Que conselhos daria a alguém que quer contratar profissionais do seu sector? Há algo fundamental a ter em conta?
Before you choose a designer, I would advise you to ask yourself the question: "am I Ready to tell you about myself and my family, everything, or almost everything, this stranger?"
If you are ready, feel free to look for a designer. If not, then better not to start!
As a designer, as a psychologist, I'll look into the nooks and crannies of your home and see if everything was okay. And then write to you and your home treatment. If we found a common language – the treatment is great!! The decision is always yours.
Como começou a trabalhar nesta área de negócio?
I started working in the field of interior design in 2002. After teaching at the academic school of design in Moscow. This is my second higher education. The first specialty I design engineer heavy engineering, machine tools and cutting tools. Since my childhood I liked to draw and learn it yourself first, and then the professionals on the course "Intuitive painting" Svetlana and Federico Perotti. It so happened that my second career became my hobby, my hobby, my lifestyle. And I'm glad of that.
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