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Founded in 1996 by Lita Gale,Lita Gale Solicitors provides a unique service in the UK dealing almost exclusively on matters relating to Portugal and Spain in the UK. We also serve and represent the British Community in Portugal.

Senior partner Lita Gale

Since 1993, Lita Gale took over the Portuguese work of the firm Stoneham Langton & Passmore, a 200 year old Mayfair Solicitors firm and the first English firm of Solicitors to open an office in Portugal in 1927.

In addition to offering full services expected from an English firm of solicitors we also have an affiliation with Wordpower Translation Services Ltd, official translators and interpreters of Portuguese. Ms Gale is regularly interviewed in the media and recently in regards to the Madeline McCann case. Due to the sensitivity of the Portuguese process of justice has had to decline BBC, Channel 4, GMTV and ITN television interviews.

Ms Gale has been involved in several notorious cases, Ashurst V. Pollard, one of which is now quoted as legal authority in England, which dealt with the bankrupt estate of a British subject in Portugal. She was also involved in the removal of vulnerable children from an alleged cult the International Saturday Group, also making international headlines.

As well as being covered by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Lita is also registered with the Ordem dos Advogados in Portugal. Over the years Lita Gale has represented various Banks, Trust Companies, residential and commercial developers and insurance companies. We have also assisted certain authorities in England, including Local Authorities in matters dealing with children. We have also had legal connections with the Inland Revenue.

Our associates and loyal clients, who have been clients of this firm for many years, have all made a difference to the Company. Without them we could not have continued to serve the Portuguese community in England and the British community in Portugal over the years Lita Gale has been in operation.

Our Consultants and business associates are a wholly separate and independent entity from Lita Gale Solicitors and as such are not regulated by the Law Society, but by their independent regulating bodies which are governed by equally strict standards such as the Ordem dos Advogados in Portugal.

Lita Gale is the founding member for the UK of the International Association of Lawyers from Madeira with associates in Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg, South Africa and Venezuela.

The firm is also members of the Portuguese UK Chamber of Commerce and of the Anglo Portuguese Society. Since 2012 Lita Gale is the President of the Portuguese Croquet federation and Bela Romao Country Club which she founded thus bringing officially to Portugal the sport of Croquet and making Portugal a member of the World Croquet Federation at the same time as Russia.

Sarah Byrne HR Manager
Sarah came to us from America where she had been the manager of a top hotel and was looking for a new challenge. Sarah has been able to pick out the top of the bunch and decide what training is necessary for the top fulfilment of duties.

Filomena Fernandes - Solicitadora with over 20 years experience and representing Banco Espirito Santo.

Rui Pereira - Civil Engineer with offices in Lisbon, Algarve and Madeira

Roy Whitehouse - Provides investigation services and due diligence on companies and individuals in England, Portugal and throughout the world and is a Senior Fraud Investigator and President of the Portuguese UK Chamber of Commerce.

Warren Walters- Personal Injury specialist with over 20 years experience.

Real Report Lda - A dedicated company to provide legal support in Portugal to Lita Gale Solicitors as well as Fiscal

Wordpower - Translation and Interpretation Services specializing in legalisation of documents without the need for a Notary or Notarised Services and or Consulate approval and legalising or arranging for notarial legalisation of documents with Apostille Certificate under the Hague Convention.

Accidents and Precedents
A dedicated personal Injury specialist company providing NO WIN NO FEE services for approved cases for Holiday Accidents in Portugal and Road Traffic and Work accidents in UK

Crime does not pay ! - Lita Gale Solicitors is associated with top Portuguese Criminal lawyers in Portugal working together on high profile fraud, negligent homicide and serious criminal offenses.
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