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João Pires

Tradutor (inglês-português e espanhol-português). Actualmente a leccionar inglês a alunos de diversas faixas etárias e níveis de domínio da língua em escola especializada na aprendizagem do inglês. As aulas são, geralmente, bastante abrangentes em termos de conteúdo, incluindo vocabulário, gramática, escrita e discurso.


I am an English translator and teacher living near Lisbon. I graduated in Translation in July of 2019 from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the NOVA University. In late 2018, I accepted the opportunity to teach at a Cambridge affiliated English-learning institute, for people of all ages (including Cambridge exams trainees) where I have worked for a year and a half now.

Apart from teaching English I have done several translation jobs both before (mainly for charity purposes) and after finishing my degree, within different areas of expertise, such as law, literature and real estate, which I would be glad to display should it be requested.

Other than my professional activities, I am an avid reader and I often enjoy drawing and painting when there is time, or writing short stories in English or in Portuguese. I am also currently self-learning the Japanese language, both as a pastime and a tool to add to my language list for translation or writing opportunities.

Lately I have been keenly seeking new opportunities to improve my freelance translation curriculum and build up enough experience to prove my reliability and professionalism in this challenging field of work.

João Santos Pires,
Teacher / Translator
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