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Hugo Rodrigues

Hugo Rodrigues is a landscape photographer based in The UK as well as in Portugal. Hugo's pursuit of landscape images have taken him around the world almost continuously for well over a decade now. The visual drama and artistry of his photographs are born of a keen eye for the many moods of Nature and a life-long passion for the wilderness. This passion shines throughout Hugo"s work and has attracted a wide audience around the world.

Hugo's style is unmistakable. His talent for rare captures of amazing light and fleeting atmosphere imbue his portfolio with a sense of the epic, majestic and the bold. His success derives from patient single-minded pursuit of all the unique moments that generate the magic and energy of the wilderness, often spending weeks or even months immersing himself in the landscape he shoots despite the rigors of season and weather.
A professional from 2005 onward, Hugo has been frequently mentioned and recognized as an original artist, an innovator and a trendsetter in the modern age of landscape photography. Hugo is regularly described as one of the most influential landscape professionals of his generation.

?I find myself becoming more and more jaded with the photographic landscape of today. I never want to be someone who takes predictable, boring photographs. To combat this, I ask myself after every photo: is this good enough for a gallery, a museum, a photo book? If so, I?m happy. I?m always looking to create timeless images; classic photographs.? Is there anyone out there whose goal is to take a predictable picture?

"Do you feel awkward posing in a stuffy studio with more equipment than an operating room?"

"Most of my clients feel the same way, so I do away with all that and take you to a gorgeous outdoor location where you can relax and just be yourself while I create the most amazing portraits you can imagine?all while having fun!"

"Your family is the most important thing in the world, and I know you want portraits you can treasure and hold close to your heart for the rest of your life?"
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