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Hugo Lunet

My methodology investigates critical ways of thinking Design grounded in an abstract and conceptual styles that seeks to contribute vividly to the future landscape of things. Observation and examination often lead me the right way to frame ideas and state a purpose and medium that best fits the voice and message. Permanent research and active reading that goes beyond the Design realm often backs up informed choices that are highly effective generating new solutions. Dialogue contributes to my work development, ?proofing? and editing enabling me to identify the data that would be most valuable to others and express it to their advantage.
Transversal representational competences such as sketches, metaphors and mock-up models visually translate the potential of concepts\ideas and draft further actions. My background includes solid design experience in tackling and completing challenging graphic design projects, combined with my steadfast commitment to top-notch quality and production of promotional collateral, layouts, image and video and Post-Production.
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