Giuseppe Fadda

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Giuseppe Fadda

I am a 60 years old italian graphic designer, illustrator and copywriter. I worked as art director and illustrator for the leading italian weekly,
I collaborated as brand designer, book designer, illustrator with leading italian publishers.
In advertising i was art director for worldwide campaigs of communication for the brands MissSixty and Energie in their top seasons. I was the creative behind photo-shooting, catalogues, web sites and printed ads.
My work as ilustrator and ceramic designer has been object of personals exhibitions in Rome and London.

I look and think younger.
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Perguntas e respostas

Em que informações deve um ou uma cliente pensar acerca do projecto que quer realizar antes de falar com profissionais?
"Do i really need help or i prefere to do it all alone?"
"Do i take the risk of to do a better thing working in connection with another mind, or i have my ideas so clear in my own view that prefere eventually to fail but don't change anything of it?"
"Am i ready to play with my serious business?"
Que formação e experiência tem relacionadas com a sua actividade?
Read please the answer to the question about my professional beginnings.
Actually i am studying radionic and radiestesy with Alessandra Previdi, the italian oresident of the radionic society.
After 38 years of experience i i found that the way like it works creativity is more connected to the way in wich everybody can find water in the ground with a little peace of wood instead of readind the 10.000 books i collected about design.
Que conselhos daria a alguém que quer contratar profissionais do seu sector? Há algo fundamental a ter em conta?
Start with a dream, find a co-dreamer.
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