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At the age of 23, I proudly wear the insignia of an academic career, with a Master's degree in International Business and a Bachelor's degree in Applied Foreign Languages. Armed with these qualifications, I am committed to offering Spanish, English, and French lessons.

Do not hesitate to contact me at ****** directly.
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Em que informações deve um ou uma cliente pensar acerca do projecto que quer realizar antes de falar com profissionais?
Before engaging with professionals, clients should consider outlining their specific goals, budget constraints, and any relevant deadlines. Additionally, it's crucial to gather pertinent documents, background information, and potential challenges they foresee. Clear communication about expectations and a willingness to collaborate can enhance the effectiveness of interactions with professionals.

Do not hesitate to contact me at ****** directly.
Que formação e experiência tem relacionadas com a sua actividade?
Certainly! Here's a more detailed response:

I possess a Bachibac, an esteemed diploma akin to the French baccalaureate, earned in both Spanish and French. My journey includes significant time spent living in Spain, enriching my cultural and linguistic understanding. Furthermore, my academic focus has been on languages throughout my life. I honed my English skills through dedicated studies in applied foreign languages at the University of Montpellier, ensuring a comprehensive command of the language. This multifaceted background equips me with a unique blend of linguistic proficiency and cultural insight, positioning me well for various endeavors.

Do not hesitate to contact me at ****** directly.
Que conselhos daria a alguém que quer contratar profissionais do seu sector? Há algo fundamental a ter em conta?
When hiring professionals in this sector, prioritize a combination of technical expertise and strong interpersonal skills. Look for candidates who demonstrate adaptability, a collaborative mindset, and a commitment to continuous learning. Assess problem-solving abilities and communication skills during the interview process. Additionally, seek individuals who align with your company culture and values, fostering a positive and productive work environment.

Do not hesitate to contact me at ****** directly.
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