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Real estate photography, event photography, concerts & band shoots.
Landscape, fine-art, photo-manipulations & composites. Also available for post-processing your captures.
Organize photowalks & workshops for groups at a maximum of eight people.
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Em que informações deve um ou uma cliente pensar acerca do projecto que quer realizar antes de falar com profissionais?
A client should always try to have a good idea of what they want. I am good at getting that information out of someone's head, but the more thought a client has already put into it, the quicker we can get to work.
Que formação e experiência tem relacionadas com a sua actividade?
Learnt how to photograph and develop in the seventies and early eighties. Picked up digital photography in 2009. Did some workshops, started shooting events, concerts and everything that seemed remotely interesting.

Recently stepped into the world of interior and real estate.
Que conselhos daria a alguém que quer contratar profissionais do seu sector? Há algo fundamental a ter em conta?
Look at previous work, decide if style and quality fit in your world.
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